August is National Traffic Awareness Month.  It never huts to brush up on your driving skills!

Road safety should be every driver’s concern.  Unfortunately, some do not make it a priority.  Focus on things you can do to make driving safer.

  1.  Keep your car well maintained.  Check fluid levels, tire air pressure levels, the expiration date of your battery, and make sure all lights/signals are working.
  2. Use your seat belt.  Even with increased safety features in today’s vehicles, your seatbelt could save your life in an accident!
  3. Keep your cool on the road.  A 4,000 pound vehicle does not make you invincible like Superman.
  4. Practice defensive driving.  Keep in mind, some drivers are not well versed in proper driving etiquette.  And, some drivers do not have a clear understanding of rules of the road.  Keep your cool and focus on what you can do on your end.
  5. Don’t drink and drive.  Even with one drink, your attention span is affected.
  6. Keep a safe distance from the car in front of you.  Follow the 3 second rule.  By doing this,  you’ll have time to stop if the person in front of you brakes suddenly.
  7. Observe the speed limit.  Speeding has been identified as a contributing factor to 31% of fatalities.
  8. Drive carefully in bad weather.  Excessive rain, fog, snow and ice affect your safety.  Allow extra time or pull over if visibility is poor.
  9. Don’t drive if you feel drowsy.  Certain medication can cause drowsiness, which can have an impact similar to alcohol.

Owning a car is a luxury that comes with responsibility!  Stay safe out there!