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SBJW is proactive ever year, shop rates, and then call me to discuss. Additionally I got more insurance for a lot less money. Highly recommend them! - Monica F.

They take the time each year to review my policies to find the lowest price for the best coverage and let me know if they found a lower price option. Would not use any other company. - Becky B.

I drive a 40 year old car daily and drive a rather long distance for work on a daily basis, the car also has a lot of sentimental and I didn’t just want cheap liability for it. They made it very easy for me to understand what my options were as well as got me everything I wanted for a better price than expected!
-Angie M.

Just recently bought a new truck for my farm and they were able to get me an amazing policy. I appreciated all of the info and options. -Gary W.