How did 2021 fly by so quickly?

The end of the year is a great time to review your insurance plan!  Have you changed jobs?  Have you remodeled your home?  Did you have kids leave for college?

If you changed jobs, make sure you have life insurance.   Your employer may offer a small amount of coverage, but you generally can’t take it with you when you leave.  The cost of a funeral is around $25,000.  Make sure that you have enough insurance to cover the cost, so that your family isn’t scrambling for money unexpectedly.

If you remodeled your home, review your homeowners coverage.   The cost to rebuild a home is skyrocketing.  Make sure that you have enough insurance coverage to rebuild your home the same way.  Don’t wait until you have an insurance claim to realize you might be short on funds to repair your home.

If you had children leave for college without a car, review your auto insurance rates.  Most insurance companies will give you a discount for a child that is away from home with no car.  Call your agent to claim  your savings!

Have a great holiday season!