Did Santa leave some jewelry under the tree for you this year?

Make sure that you add it to your jewelry insurance schedule!  Most home insurance policies only pay a small amount for theft or misplacement of jewelry.  There is a really good chance, that your policy has only $1500 or $2500 of insurance coverage for jewelry that is lost or stolen.

Check with your insurance agent to see what options you might have to insure your jewelry.  Some insurance companies allow you to increase the total dollar amount of insurance coverage provided for jewelry.  Some insurance companies ask you to list out every piece of jewelry for a set value.

The benefit of listing out every piece on a schedule is that there is no deductible for your jewelry claim.  And, the claim will not make your insurance rate increase.  If you do a blanket amount of coverage, your home insurance deductible will apply.  And, there is a chance your home insurance rate could increase after turning in a claim.

You have options, so check with your agent to see which one would be best for your situation!