If we can take anything away from the movie “Office Space” – it is that our jobs and tomorrow are not promised. There is always a chance that a company can merge or be purchased by another larger corporation, causing loss of jobs.  Peter is in a miserable state until he is hypnotized.  Then suddenly, his hypnotherapist dies.

Does your employer offer voluntary benefits such as life insurance? What happens to those benefits if your company closes down, or if you decide to leave your position because you are miserable?  It is important to check with your employer to see if your voluntary benefits are portable.  If your employer provided life insurance is the only form of life insurance coverage you have and you can’t take the policy with you, consider the financial risk this creates for your family.

Take a moment to review your voluntary benefits today. If you have gaps in coverage that would be created by a loss of your employment, check with your insurance agent to see if they could help you fill some of those gaps.