Truth. I have never been a big swimmer. I would rather lay on a raft in the pool all day and soak up the rays. Not for too long, though. My fair skin and red hair don’t allow for too much sun. I look like a beet if I’m not careful. And quite honestly, I never learned to swim as a kid. The deep water terrifies me. More than snakes. Snakes make me scream in terror.

All that aside, I have 3 kids who love the water. The swim like little fish in Finding Dory. When I realized they had a love of water that I did not share, I had to make a plan. I put them in swim lessons when they were small so they could learn to be comfortable in the water. I kept a close eye on their swimming abilities and allowed them into parts of the pool that matched up with their swimming skills. I made them wear swim vests until they could swim on their own. If they tried to run while at the pool, I scolded them harshly so they wouldn’t slip and fall. I taught them from a very young age that they could not jump in the pool unless I was already in there. My insurance background has taught me to always have an emergency plan in place in case someone were to get hurt.

As an insurance agent, I am sometimes asked by clients why they need pools or covers for their pool. The truth is, kids are attracted to pools like magnets. They see one and they want to jump in. Even if they aren’t invited to hop in. If they decide to do that while you are not home, unfortunately you may still be held liable if they are injured or drown. The cost of a locking fence or gate for your pool is minimal compared to the amount of a lawsuit you might encounter if a child were to drown in your pool.

If you have a pool or are considering one, make sure your homeowners insurance is up to date so that you have coverage for any accidents that might occur in your pool.