You’ve always dreamed of planning the perfect wedding. The perfect cake, dress, décor, colors, rings, photos, music… Your wedding is a big investment! Possibly even the cost of what you would pay for a new car or a downpayment on a house.

Sometimes, no matter how carefully you plan things, something will happen that is beyond your control. That’s why you purchase insurance coverage on your auto and home! Did you know that you can also purchase insurance coverage for your wedding?

Consider what you would do if your dress/tuxedo were lost or damaged, if you lost deposits because the venue went out of business, lost your rings, photos were ruined because the photographer’s storage was defective, gifts were damaged, you/your spouse were called up for active military duty, severe weather forces you to postpone the wedding, or the venue requires liquor liability insurance.

All of these situations can be fully covered under a wedding insurance policy that has a minimal cost and no deductible. Your dress/tuxedo can be replaced, deposits can be reimbursed, rings and photos can be replaced. You can have damaged gifts repaired or replaced. You can be reimbursed for other non-recoverable expenses if you/your spouse is called into active military duty. Your insurance policy can also cover insurance requirements imposed by the venue such as liquor liability insurance.

Rest easy knowing that your big day can be fully insured!