What is short term health insurance?

Short term health insurance is a policy that can be used to cover a period of time between when an old health insurance plan ends and a new one begins. It is designed to cover catastrophic events.


Where do I buy short term health insurance?

Sometimes, you can buy short term health insurance plans through an independent insurance agent. You can also purchase them online.


Can short term health insurance be renewed?

Make sure that you check before you buy a plan. Some plans are set up to cover specific time periods and cannot be renewed. Some plans allow you to renew multiple times for up to a year. It is a good idea to determine how much time you will be without coverage. Then, you can pick a plan that will fill this time gap.


How much does short term health insurance cost?

Generally speaking, it is less expensive than long term health insurance. This is because it is designed to cover catastrophic events. Your rate depends on the number of people to be insured and your address