Do you need insurance on farm land?

Absolutely!  If someone on your property is injured, they can sue you for medical expenses.  Liability insurance on your farm land helps pay for medical bills.  It’s important to keep liability coverage so that you don’t lose your farm land in a lawsuit.


Does farm insurance cover livestock?

Most farm policies will not automatically cover livestock.  However, you can add extra coverage for livestock.  It covers your animals in the event of death from certain events.  This is important, because your animals are a large investment!


Does fam insurance cover your farm equipment?

It is generally a good idea to insure your farm equipment on a separate floater.  You can list each item for a specific value.  Some insurance companies also offer coverage for mechanical breakdown for an extra fee.  This will pay for rental of another unit to replace yours while it is being repaired.


Do all insurance companies offer farm insurance?

There are only select insurance companies that insure farms.  Most farm insurance carriers offer specific coverage for your home, detached buildings, machinery, livestock and land.  Some farm insurance companies offer different coverage options. For example, there may be extra coverage needed if you offer custom farming to others for a fee.  Check with your agent to see what options are available for your situation.