School is right around the corner.  With so much uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic, parents are exploring options. Whether your plans are to home school, send kids to school or do a group home school with neighborhood kiddos, make sure you consider your options carefully before making a decision.


A neighborly venture to allow multiple children to watch video instruction at school is most likely covered by a homeowners and umbrella insurance policy. If a child is hurt during a trip and fall, homeowners and umbrella policies will provide coverage for the medical bills.


Some parents are considering paying a teacher to come into and share the cost of the teacher with neighbors.  In this scenario, there could be some exclusions under the homeowners and umbrella insurance policies. This is because “business” activities are generally not covered under a homeowners policy. A “business” is defined as a “trade, profession or occupation engaged in on a full-time, part-time or occasional basis.” The teacher has a business, because they are being paid for an occupation.  (The policy does not state that the insured must be the one performing the business.)


Consider how field trips will work under a home school scenario. If a child is injured in an auto accident on the way to an activity, the medical bills can be very high.  Are the auto liability limits adequate enough to cover the potential medical bills?  Who will be driving the vehicle?  Consider the person’s driving record before putting children in the vehicle.  Is the person being paid to drive children?  If someone is paid to drive children, the auto policy may have some coverage exclusions.


Some other things you may want to consider:


*How will computer gear be covered if something happens to it?

*If you are exchanging money for field trips or excursions, who will be financially responsible for the money?

*How will you handle abuse or sexual molestation claims?


These are just a few things to think about as you consider what to do during the fall! Please be sure to consult your homeowners insurance agent if you have specific questions about your situation.


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