If you have an off-road vehicle, you’ll want to make sure that you have the proper coverage.  It’s important to ask your insurance agent questions about the coverage your off-road vehicle so that you have coverage that matches your lifestyle.  So….what are some questions you should ask?

What typical coverages are available for ATVs?

Most standard policies cover liability.  You can add coverage for physical damage and medical payments.  Ensuring you have the proper coverage means that you’ll have coverage for injuries to yourself and others, damage to your ATV, and damage that your ATV might cause to someone else’s property.

Is my safety apparel covered?

Items such as helmets, goggles or other clothing can minimize or prevent injuries when an accident occurs.  Most companies provide coverage for your safety apparel, so ask how much coverage your insurance policy provides.  Also ask if you can increase the coverage if necessary.

Is optional equipment covered?

Many people customize their ATVs by adding trailers, racks and winch kits.  Ask your insurance agent for coverage on these types of items, because your policy may not automatically provide coverage.

Can I insure my ATV year round?

If there is a warm day during the winter, you may want to ride your ATV.  Make sure that your policy provides coverage all year.  Also ask if there is a credit for laying up coverage during months you will not use your ATV.

What kinds of discounts are available?

Ask your agent if there are discounts available for your ATV policy.  There may be discounts for multiple units, maintaining continuous coverage, or having multiple policies with the same insurance company.


Stay safe wherever you choose to go on your off-road vehicle!