Teenagers. Jilted spouses. Parents upset about sporting events. What do all of these groups of people have in common?  They like to voice their opinion online for everyone to hear.  This is especially true when they are upset about something that has happened in their life.  What if that thing that upset them involves you?  What if you are the subject of their negative posts?

The problem that arises with social media is that it is super accessible. You can access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google from the privacy of your phone and vent your complaints to the world.  It is even possible to leave a negative review for a business on google by creating a fake Google account.  The subject of the complaint may or may not be aware that negative comments are being made.  Regardless, their reputation is immediately affected because of a negative comment.

Individuals can experience loss of friendships and tarnished reputations, all because a person vented a negative experience online. Quite honestly, some of the Facebook exchanges that revolve around these negative experiences can create very heated discussions online.

Most homeowners insurance policies now offer personal injury coverage as an optional endorsement. For a minimal cost, homeowners can protect themselves in the event that they become caught in the middle of a negative event involving negative or untrue comments.  Check with your homeowners coverage to see what options are available to you!