I have officially become a soccer mom! I frequently transport my children and their friends to events.  It is honestly fun for everyone involved….until someone’s hand is slammed in a car door accidentally.

One of my daughter’s friends is a very talented gymnast, so you can imagine my dismay when this happened in my car a few weeks ago! I was in panic mode, and all I could think was that her gymnastics career might be over because my son did not look before shutting his car door.  It was like time stood still as I watched her cry out in pain, and then stood there waiting for my son to open the door so we could check her hand.

Thankfully, after ice and a few days of rest, my daughter’s friend was fine. She attended her weekend gymnastics meet and did an awesome job.  But I couldn’t help thinking, what if something had seriously happened to her hand?  What if she’d had a broken bone?

I honestly felt terrible that the incident had happened. I knew, however, that if serious injuries had occurred, my auto medical payments coverage would have helped pay for the medical of this talented girl.  What a relief to know that I have this type of coverage afforded to me at a minimal cost in the event that these types of situations arise!