We all face struggles.  What do you do with your difficult situations?

Some people trudge through them with negativity.  Others look at them as an opportunity to grow.

The woman who invented the home security system felt unsafe when her husband was away.   She lived in a questionable neighborhood, and the police were slow to respond.  So, she took it upon herself to create a system that promoted safety.

Elevators used to be a shaft and pulley system.  The automatic elevator doors we use today were invented by a man that was almost fatally killed in an elevator shaft.  After the incident happened, he set to work on designing an elevator that would be safe for himself and his daughter.

Traffic signals have not always had 3 lights.  A man witnessed a terrible car accident occur at an intersection.  He felt that a warning light would be helpful to warn motorists to slow down.

Did you know that all of these things were also designed by African American inventors?  Check out the article here:


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