When we first moved into our new home, I cringed every time it rained.  We have a steep roof and a lot of trees in our yard.  Our old gutters had no guards and were clogged with debris.  Every time it rained, they would overflow, and water would pool up in the yard.  One of the first things we did at our new house was replace gutters and add guards to prevent debris.


What type of gutters do you have on your home?  Do they have guards to protect them from getting full of leaves and debris?


Spring is a great time to check your gutters. 


Gutters direct water away from your roof.  (Especially the flat roofs!)

Gutters help keep water away from your basement.

Gutters protect wood decks, doors and garage doors from water damage.

Gutters divert water from concrete to prevent sinking and cracking.


Check your gutters this spring to make sure they are clean and without rust.  Consider adding guards to prevent debris building up.