Happy New Year!! In the lovely Land of Lincoln, temperatures are well below zero with the wind chill! Remind me again why I don’t live in a warmer climate?!

This time of year always brings about all sorts of weather related insurance claims. I thought for sure I was a claim victim just the other day! My shower wouldn’t turn on…strange! Now, my shower happens to be on an outside wall. All I could think was…..frozen pipes!!!!! Aaaaaahhh!!!! If that were true, I was also looking at possible leaking water or even a pipe burst. I’ve seen it happen tons of times with clients’ homes. And, it’s usually quite a mess!!

So, I headed to the basement to check my pipes. Almost every single pipe in my new house appeared to be insulated…awesome! The one going to the shower was not, though. So, I left out some of the ceiling tiles to allow heat to flow through. I also turned up the heat in my house a bit since the temps outside were sub zero. Lo and behold, my shower worked fine the next day! Moral of the story – keep an eye on your plumbing during the cold weather and you might just avoid a huge water mess!!!