It may be time to check “Renew Boat Insurance” off of your to-do list.  But, before you do, are there important gaps to address in your current coverage?

  • More Inclusive Coverage – Some boat policies exclude certain coverages like mechanical breakdown.  Check to make sure that your current insurance policy includes this and other critical coverages suck as salvage and wreck removal.
  • Specialized Customer Service – Nobody wants a car guy taking their boat claim.  Some insurance companies have specialized departments to handle boat claims.  A highly trained marine specialist will ensure that you get back on the water as quickly as possible following a covered loss.
  • Competitive Rates – Check to see what discounts might be available to you!  Many companies offer discounts for training courses, specialized boat equipment and multiple policies with the same company.

So, before you get back on the water, take a moment to get the coverage that best fits your needs!