You should consider changing a life insurance policy as your life situation changes. Major life changes such as getting married and becoming a parent are ideal times to reconsider your policy. You can make different types of changes to your policy, such as changing the beneficiary, benefit (amount of coverage) or term (length of coverage).


There are a few personal life changes when it is highly recommended to review your life insurance policies. These changes typically include:

  •         Marriage 
  •         Divorce
  •         Birth of a child
  •         Loss of a loved one
  •         Beneficiary passes away
  •         When your financial goals have changed
  •         When purchasing a new home or business

If you are thinking of starting a life insurance policy or want to make changes to your current policy, reach out to your independent insurance agent and discuss your options. Your agent can take your goals and what you expect to spend each month and tailor a life insurance policy to fit all your needs.