What is your passion? Is it music, movies, sports, helping others?  Almost everyone has something they are passionate about!  For me it is definitely music!

I have been involved in music since I was a child. It has always been something I turn to when I need to relax or wind down.  It helps me feel like I am accomplishing something when I can reach others with music in a way that moves their hearts.  There is something about pouring your heart out in a song that touches others and that is so powerful to me!

I love watching young aspiring musicians perform. It saddens me a bit that schools have cut music and arts from curriculum as a part of the budgeting process.  I would love to see more performing arts centers that help young students develop their musical abilities if it is not available to them through a school program.

Have you ever had a dream of doing something like this? Did you know that you can set up a charitable foundation with the proceeds of your life insurance policy to do just that?  By paying the small premium for a life insurance policy, you can set up your charitable organization as the beneficiary.  The charitable organization can use the life insurance proceeds towards the construction of a building with your name on it.  Think of the number of lives that could be impacted positively if you were to establish something like this in your community!