What kinds of insurance does your business need?



If you own the building, make sure that you have it insured for the proper value.  When a building is under-insured, your insurance company may reduce the amount of your claim payment.  You may not own the building, but have made interior improvements.  If so, you can insure the improvements.  Make sure you calculate the replacement value for all the office equipment.  Insure if for the amount it would take to replace everything.


Liability insurance covers you in the event that someone slips and falls at your business.  This type of insurance covers the medical bills and the lawsuits a customer might present to you as a result of injuries.

Workers Compensation

Employees that are hurt on the job may ask you to pay for their medical bills.  Workers compensation insurance can help with this.

Auto Insurance

Personal auto policies do not cover claims that are associated with a business.  The commercial auto policy is specifically designed to cover liability and physical damage for business automobiles.


While these are only a few coverages available, they are very important ones!  Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to purchase additional types of insurance.  Check with your insurance agent to see what you might need!