Have you ever been on the way to work, daydreaming and going about your business – when suddenly you realize another car is right on your bumper blaring their horn at you?  It is almost as if the fact that you are on the road just ruined the other person’s day!  I will never understand what would make another driver this angry.  They can’t control the traffic on the road any less than they can control when the weather decides to throw hail stones on their car!

As much as I don’t believe that we need to be Mario Andretti when we are out on the road during daily commute, some people feel that way!  I personally don’t want my insurance rate to increase a few hundred bucks for rear-ending someone because I was following to closely. I really don’t want to receive a speeding ticket, either.  I like the convenience of renewing my drivers license online and the lower insurance rates!

What to do if you experience a driver that believes they are Mario Andretti?  Mind your own business and continue to drive like you normally do.  It makes much more sense to drive calmly and not let their aggression stir you up. You are both right where you need to be at that particular moment.  Traffic flow is going to be what it is going to be!

Drive safe, my friends!  Your lower insurance rates are so worth it!