So, you took the leap and are now the proud parent of a puppy.  You cleared the hurdles with your landlord and are training your new baby.  What happens if the new puppy creates an ink mess on your carpet?  Or worse, the puppy bites someone?

There is good news and bad news!  Let’s cover the bad news first….  A renters insurance policy is probably not going to pay for repairs to the apartment if the puppy chews an ink pen and ruins the carpet.  So, try to keep Fido in a safe area until the puppy chewing phase passes.

The good news is that your renters insurance policy will generally cover some of the medical expenses related to a dog bite.  So, if Fido bites the mailman, your renters insurance policy will most likely help cover some of the medical bills.

Check with your insurance agent to see what type of coverage your renters insurance policy provides for you!