With warm temperatures approaching and kids starting their summer break, it is an ideal time for many homeowners to plan a vacation. Whether it’s an extended trip or just a weekend getaway, burglars often prey upon homes that are left unoccupied. By taking a few extra steps in preparation for vacation, homeowners can significantly reduce the likelihood of a break-in:

  • Utilize timers on lights, or opt for smart lighting to control lights remotely. Lights that turn on at different times serve as a deterrent for potential burglars.
  • Stop delivery of mail, newspapers and packages while you’re away. A stack of mail is a dead giveaway that individuals are not at home.
  • Don’t announce your travel plans online. Depending on your social media security settings, you could be announcing that your home will be empty, and inadvertently increase your potential for a break-in.
  • Secure any valuables, especially those that a burglar could see by looking in the home’s windows. If necessary, consider placing jewelry or other valuables in a safety deposit box or safe.
  • If possible, leave a locked car in the driveway. This gives the appearance that someone is at home, even if they’re away.
  • Be sure that all windows, doors and other entry points are locked up before you leave. Be sure to check pet doors and glass patio doors as well.
  • Make plans to keep your yard maintained, especially if you’re planning to be gone for more than a few days. A lawn that has not been mowed is a red flag for potential burglars, especially if your yard is normally well-kept.


Collect any spare keys that you normally leave outside the home. Many would-be intruders will look in the most popular hiding places, like under doormats or flower pots.