Did you know that there were more than 52,000 catalytic converter thefts in 2021?  According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), that’s more than a 1,200% increase over 2019.

Why do thieves steal catalytic converters?

  • They contain metals that sell for hundreds of dollars on the black market.
  • Thieves can remove a converter in just seconds.
  • They are untraceable, and nearly impossible for law enforcement to prove the device is stolen.

Why should you care?

  • Catalytic converter theft can be a costly loss for vehicle owners.
  • Repairs can cost up to $3,000.
  • Part replacement may take up to 30-90 days.
  • Theft losses may result in higher insurance premiums.

Theft prevention tips:

  • Park in well-lighted areas or in a garage.
  • Have the vehicle’s alarm calibrated to activate when vibration is detected.
  • Consider etching your license plate number or VIN on the catalytic converter.

Also note that some insurance companies have stopped offering physical damage coverage on certain makes and models due to the high rate of theft.  If you are shopping around for coverage, make sure to check that your vehicle qualifies for the coverage you need!