I keep asking myself…. “Where did the summer go?” Quincy Public Schools start tomorrow! Ready or not, as you and your children head back to school, I would like to mention a few special coverage options to consider as you prepare for the new school year.

PERSONAL ARTICLES POLICY: This type of policy allows you to schedule specific items and have them covered for all losses – including theft, misplacement and damages. This can include instruments, laptops, sports equipment (such as golf clubs) and other school related items of higher value. This policy is also available for specific jewelry that has limited coverage on your homeowners or renters insurance policy. When Kathy Dooley recommends coverage for your child’s musical instruments, this is the type of coverage she is talking about!

PERSONAL UMBRELLA: You may wonder what a million-dollar umbrella has to do with your child returning to school. The school year brings many more school related events like football games, dances and gathers that your son or daughter may be attending and driving the family car with their school friends in the vehicle. We hear about serious accidents where teens involved. If your teen was injured badly in a friend’s car, you would surely look to be compensated. The personal umbrella policy is a safety net that protects you against settlements and wage garnishment with both dollars and insurance company lawyers to defend you. Often, this policy can be as low as a dollar a day!

GOOD STUDENT DISCOUNT FOR DRIVERS: B students receive a discount on your auto insurance policy. Grade verification is required, and the discount is very positive! As one client stated to her daughter “no B’s no keys.”

SEWER & WATER BACKUP COVERAGE FOR YOUR HOME: Our area has experienced so much flooding after this year’s rains. A faulty sump pump or power outage can cost you thousands in clean up and repairs. Money that you had budgeted for school related expenses can easily be spent removing water, mold and repairing damaged walls and trim in your home.