I will never forget the first time I met Kelly. (Name changed for privacy.) She was a spitfire. A bubbly thing that loved life and was taking flack from no one. But her eyes were tired. Her body was worn out. She had been taking care of her fiancée for quite some time and his health conditions were getting worse.


I first met them because she was shopping for better rates on her home and auto insurance. She had her fiancée with her because they did everything together. They were quite a pair. They loved each other and it showed. You could see how much he admired her when you watched him look at her. They were perfect for each other. He knew that she was doing business and politely waited for her to finish. And when she was completely finished, he asked about life insurance. He loved this woman and she had been taking care of him. He wanted to make sure she was taken care of after he passed away.


So, we began the process of writing a whole life policy for him. He completed the application and exam very promptly. His doctor was not as prompt about returning the medical file that was needed for the life insurance, but it was finally obtained and the policy was issued.


A few months after we had set everything up, Kelly’s fiancée became very ill. She was tired from taking care of him, but the strain of his hospitalization caused her to have trouble walking. I can remember her coming to my office in a full leg cast and helping her in the doorway. She broke down and told me that he had passed. It was almost to much for her to bear. She was a flood of emotions – sadness, anger, frustration. On top of that, his children (who had not been around to help with his conditions) suddenly appeared when they realized that he had life insurance.  Kelly wanted to make sure that he had a proper funeral and burial to celebrate his life.  She wasn’t certain where she would find money to pay for this.


Friends – these are the things that life throws at us. Kelly had so much on her plate just handling all of the curve balls life threw at her. Finances were honestly the last thing she needed to be concerned about. And, she didn’t have to be. Her fiancée made sure she was the beneficiary of the life insurance policy so that she would be taken care of after he passed.  She had dedicated years of her life to this man and he felt that the least he could do in return was purchase a life insurance plan.


I saw Kelly just recently and she has a peace and a glow about her. I honestly believe that she would not be in the same place without the life insurance benefits!